Scenario handleiding

INTRO: [Black-and-white: Mike (ext.) puts on his headphones; Sarah (ext.) puts in her earphones; Hazel (int.) puts a cd in the cd-player. They all click ‘play’.]

  • “Music: basically an intricate pattern of audio frequencies that travels through the air, but such an incredible and important thing when it reaches and touches us.”

[We see Mike, Sarah and Hazel with their eyes closed and a smile on their faces listening to music. They slowly start changing color, the background fades.]

  • “It makes us dance, go that extra mile, and relax… Music has become almost essential in our lives. Why has it become so important to us? How does music affect us?”

[Hazel starts to dance, Sarah’s running, Mike sighs while he’s walking.]

  • “People come in all shapes and sizes, but we are all affected by music in the same way: our heart rate, breathing and blood pressure is altered depending on the beat of the music;”

[ We see Sarah running. We hear her breath and heart beat.]

  • “… our response time and attention is affected by it;”

[We see Mike walking. He runs into a pole.]

  • “… it even brings back memories that we may have forgotten.”

[We see Hazel looking at a picture of her and her mother (at Disneyland e.g.). She smiles.]

  • “Music also affects our moods. Everybody has that one song or artist that touches them in a way that no other does. When the music builds up to a climax our brain and body respond to the special effect of the music:”

[Hazel is still dancing, Mike is walking, Sarah is running. They’re all smiling. Suddenly they freeze…]

  • “dopamine – a neurotransmitter in our brain – is sent throughout our body, giving us a good feeling and a chill: a so-called frisson. In this way, dopamine tells us when we feel something special.”

[…they all shiver and smile. While they shiver they change color a few times. They end up in the same color they started out as.]

  • “However, the best thing that music does is make us smile. Our brain simply loves music.”

[We see Mike, Hazel and Sarah smiling/laughing. (Background color takes over, then everything fades out. End.]


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