15 Ways: Watercolor Landscape


Oowa is an adventurous person. He doesn’t want to be stuck in his little village and see the same things everyday. He wants to go out into the world! He doesn’t know a lot (or actually anything) about the rest of the world. The Al-Cani tribe is very secluded in the savannah; only some of the adults who are traders really come into contact with other tribes that also live in the savannah. Oowa doesn’t want to be a trader; he knows there are so many more different people, places, mountains, rivers, forests – he wants to find them and map the world out. Oowa has already mapped out all he can in the Al-Cani territory and the outskirts of it. He is ready to expand his map.

For this painting I wanted to show Oowa out there, doing what he does everyday: explore. Oowa has explored many parts of the savannah in the Al-Cani territory, but he only knows the parts closest to his home; the further away, the less he knows. With watercolor I could emphasize the things he knows that are closest to his home (the trees e.g.) and could make everything less clear the further away it all gets; symbolizing his place in the world and his knowledge of the world. Oowa knows the things closest to home in the savannah, but he wants to see what lies beyond that, in the parts that he can’t see (clearly).


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