15 Ways: Animation (Oowa Walk Cycle)

Walk: without background, foreground etc.:Oowa_Walk


A walk cycle seemed the most logical thing to animate for Oowa. Oowa is an explorer and adventurer; he walks everywhere and does it with confidence and a purpose. He does’t linger, or slow down. When Oowa is in the forest, on his way to Nini Enkishu, he has a purpose: to see Nini and show his devotion etc., but also to find out what happened to his cousin. So, he walks, in his suit (for Nini), through the forest, on a mission!


3 thoughts on “15 Ways: Animation (Oowa Walk Cycle)

  1. Very beautiful walkcycle Claire! You clearly put a lot of time into your animation and it definitely shows. The back & fore-ground are very nicely done, the shading and bouncing are well in sync and it all comes together perfectly! The only thing I can think of that would fully complete your animation would be adding some sounds (jungle/footsteps/background music). This would instantly give the viewer an idea of what kind of state of mind/situation Oowa is in. Other than that, Very nicely done! 🙂

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  2. Je hebt met deze animatie Oowa echt tot leven gebracht! Er zal vast veel werk in gezeten hebben, en dat zie je duidelijk terug! Oowa beweegt mooi soepel, ik vind het vooral leuk verzonnen dat ook het veertje en de huls van Oowa meebewegen! En leuk dat je er geluid bij hebt toegevoegd!

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