15 Ways: Nighttime

nighttimeOowa spends a lot of time wondering what the rest of the world might be like. The night-sky is just like the rest of the world to Oowa: unknown, but seemingly exciting and beautiful. He wants to know what’s happening out there. He’s curious and spends most of his time day-dreaming about it. Sitting outside, next to a fire, looking up at the night-sky and the many stars, is something Oowa loves doing. That’s what I’m showing with this night scene. Oowa isn’t afraid of the unknown and ‘darkness’, he’s always curious and excited.

I used soft pastels on a black A3 sheet of paper. I’m planning on using soft pastels for many of my Ways, because I love using it, and also because the savannah is dry and so are soft pastels: the night is dark and cold, but dry just like any other time of day.


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