15 Ways: Through the forest/ Determination

I wanted to show all the layers that come to play when Oowa is in the forest, on his way to Nini Enkishu. In the forest, Oowa is wearing a hay-suit and walking through the many trees and plants that live in the forest. To see and find what you’re looking for, through so many layers, may be tough. However, it isn’t tough for Oowa, because he knows exactly what he’s looking for and he’s determined to find it: Kaitole, his cousin. Therefore, I wanted to show Oowa’s eyes clearly in the middle and make a ‘collage’ of colors around it, symbolizing the layers, made up of layers of paper.

I chose soft pastels because they have the ability to make something look soft and they form a great contrast with the bright colors (acrylic on paper_that I put around Oowa’s eyes. I needed Oowa’s eyes to stand out; using these two materials made that possible. -> Oowa’s eyes stand out and they shine clearly through the forest and the many layers. 20150412_172320

oowa eyes (3)


2 thoughts on “15 Ways: Through the forest/ Determination

  1. Hele mooie tekeningen! Ik vind zelf de eerste het mooist zonder al die kleuren, misschien kan je op een andere manier de lagen proberen weer te geven. Al met al heb je de emotie heel erg goed vast weten te leggen en dat alleen met het zien van zijn ogen!

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