15 Ways: Alone

scan_2015-04-09_12-09-43.3.1_Page_2 (3)

Oowa and his cousin Kaitolé are very close. With only a couple of months between their ages, they practically grew up together. They did almost anything together, even though they had different ambitions: Kaitolé wants to be the best warrior the Al-Cani tribe has ever seen; Oowa doesn’t want to be a warrior or trader, he doesn’t want to stay in the Al-Cani tribe. There’s a whole world out there that he wants to explore.

Even though they may have had different views on things, they were the best of friends. However, when Kaitolé ventured into the forest to visit Nini, he didn’t come back. It’s been five months, and Oowa is worried. He fears that Kaitolé may have disappeared or been injured. He’s worried and sad, trying not to think the worst.

I chose charcoal to use, because charcoal can look strong and permanent. However, as soon as it’s smudged, it loses its power and looks vague, and fragile. Oowa is exactly like that at this moment: he may look stronger than he feels, but if someone would mention something about Kaitolé and him not returning (and ‘smudge’ him), Oowa would crumble and ‘fade’.


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