15 Ways: Magnifying Glass

scan_2015-04-09_12-09-43.3.1_Page_2 (2)

Oowa is extremely curious. He loves to find new stuff; a magnifying glass that he happens to find in the savannah just makes his day. He may not know what it is and what it’s doing in the savannah, but it’s new and unknown, and therefore very cool and interesting!

I used pen and ink to make this, because Oowa is very precise and he has a very good eye for new things he finds. He analyses everything. It’s immediately clear to him; just like a pen and ink drawing can be very precise, clean, and clear.


3 thoughts on “15 Ways: Magnifying Glass

  1. its a very sweet and endearing picture you made there you can inmediatly see what is going on and relate to his character for his child like curiosity, good job!! because you have got 3 frames it also builds up some kind of tension and the pay off is realy well done and has a good timing,


  2. This is such a sweet and curious moment you managed to capture. Nice shading as well! A simple and powerful drawing and it fits so well with his personality. I would say I’d like to see more, but you managed to capture it so nicely within these 3 frames already. 🙂


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