15 Ways: Oowa and Nini

scan_2015-04-09_12-09-43.3.1_Page_1 (2)

Material: watercolor

Oowa has made his way to Nini. He has taken of his ceremonial suit and prayed to Nini for safe passage into adulthood and for her blessing. But, that’s not the only reason why Oowa is there. He also wants to find out what happened to his friend and cousin, Kaitolé. The moment he asks Nini, is the moment I wanted to show. All the emotions come out. He’s frustrated, sad, confused. He wants to know where Kaitolé is. He begs Nini for an answer. He begs her to bring back Kaitolé. There is no response…

I chose watercolor because Oowa is sad. A lot of water is used with watercolor, that can express the amount of tears that are shed – or the ones that aren’t shed.


One thought on “15 Ways: Oowa and Nini

  1. I looove this painting Claire!! You managed to capture all those details so beautifully with the watercolor.The only small tip I can give if you want to intensify the sadness perhaps try making the outer part fade inward from black like so:
    example: http://cdn.dickblick.com/items/017/55/swatches/01755_IvoryBlack-l.jpg or by putting a spotlight on Oowa and Nini, but I see that you added vines to Nini already, which already makes her distinguishable from the other trees. Other than that VERY beautiful job! 🙂

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