15 Ways: Group assignment

poster expo 2 poster expo 3 poster expo 1

For the group assignment we decided to make a film poster. Above are a couple of my sketches for the poster. We’re planning on making it a moving poster/gif.

We decided after many days of discussion that the best way to let our characters interact would be in a story. To show them interacting we decided to make a moving poster, aka gif. A moving poster because with simple movements our characters can come to life.

In the story Oowa magically ends up falling through a mysterious portal when he’s on his way to Nini. The portal ended up dropping him in Luilekkerland/Candy Land. Being as curious as he is, and having his dream of exploring an unknown land actually fulfilled, Oowa doesn’t think twice and heads right into Candy Land not knowing what he might encounter. In Luilekkerland, San Pedro (cactus), Sewie, the telephone, and the cleaner of Luilekkerland can be found. How will they interact? Find out what happens at the exhibition!

The poster: (not the gif yet)


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