15 Ways: Oowa and Kaitolé

scan_2015-04-09_12-09-43.3.1_Page_1 (5)

Oowa and his cousin Kaitolé spent most of their time together. They grew up together and were best friends. Most of their time they spent talking about the future: Oowa talking about his dreams to go out into the world to explore, while Kaitolé told of his aspirations to become the chief of the tribe and the best warrior.

I chose pen and ink for this illustration, because their friendship is simple, just like pen an ink, but it’s permanent. Pen and ink also focuses on the subject; color, shading, and contrast don’t interfere with the subject matter. In this case the friendship is very important to both Oowa and Kaitolé: it’s simple and clear, because I want the viewer to focus on their friendship and Oowa’s dreams.


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