15 Ways: Oowa’s necklace


Every Al-Cani tribe member has a necklace that they were for life. This necklace is unique, everyone makes it themselves and therefore it is part of them; it’s their identity. Oowa’s necklace is most likely made of a white shell he found and a yarn woven from dried leaves.

Because Oowa explores a lot, he found the white shell he uses for his necklace. No one else has a necklace like it. Everyone’s necklace is made out of red, green, brown colors from natural resources found close-by the tribe. Oowa stands out even more from all the other tribe members. I wanted to portray this, that’s why I took a material with warm reds, oranges and other colors in an African pattern representing the rest of the tribe. I then made Oowa’s necklace and put it on top. The bright white of the ‘shell’ really stands out, just like Oowa does with his necklace but also with his dreams to leave the tribe.

Material: cardboard, acrylic paint, yarn, glue


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