Character Animation: Gilderoy Lockhart’s monologue + emotions/subtext

“Gilderoy Lockhart. (I’m amazing! You must’ve heard of me. *smirk*)

Order of Merlin, third class. (Yeah, I’m still amazing. How can anyone be more awesome than me. *smug look*)

Honorary member of the Dark Force Defence League (I am respectable. I am honorary. This is serious…, but have you heard of my best achievement, what I’m most proud of?), and five times winner … (Yeah, I am even more awesome than I thought. Everyone loves me. I’m the best!)

of Witch Weekly’s ‘Most Charming Smile’-award.” (Just look at this smile. No one has a smile this beautiful! You may now faint/worship me.*smug smile*)

Scene (0:12 – 0:31):


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