Eventually I decided to choose an extravagant theater/stage as my background and setting. When I thought about my character the only thing that really suited him was a setting that was as extravagant as he is. Maybe he is older and fatter than he was 20 years ago, but that doesn’t stop him from believing that he has changed.

I first didn’t want to go for the cliché red curtained-theater. I wanted something fresh. However, cliché would accentuate the clichéness of my character. The viewer should immediately understand where it could be taking place, see how Lockhart has presented himself and therefore already understand what his character is.

Screenshots of the scene:

At first I thought of putting my character on a dark stage, maube in like a small cafe. I added a neon sign, but it didn’t seem to suit his character. Lockhart would never accept being in a place like that. With the lighting and all it almost looked like a TedTalk as well. So I decided to change it.

Lockhart_Marv.183 Lockhart_Marv.387 Lockhart_Marv.336


This final one suits his character way more! As extravagant as he is. His way to show off his ‘magnificence’.



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