15 Ways: Oowa’s necklace


Every Al-Cani tribe member has a necklace that they were for life. This necklace is unique, everyone makes it themselves and therefore it is part of them; it’s their identity. Oowa’s necklace is most likely made of a white shell he found and a yarn woven from dried leaves.

Because Oowa explores a lot, he found the white shell he uses for his necklace. No one else has a necklace like it. Everyone’s necklace is made out of red, green, brown colors from natural resources found close-by the tribe. Oowa stands out even more from all the other tribe members. I wanted to portray this, that’s why I took a material with warm reds, oranges and other colors in an African pattern representing the rest of the tribe. I then made Oowa’s necklace and put it on top. The bright white of the ‘shell’ really stands out, just like Oowa does with his necklace but also with his dreams to leave the tribe.

Material: cardboard, acrylic paint, yarn, glue


Inspiration for the 15 Ways

For the 15 Ways I looked at a lot of illustrations of characters, but also at pictures of the Masai. The Al-Cani tribe that I made up is based on the Masai. The Masai also lives in the savannah, so I could use their clothes, patterns, tribal symbols as inspiration for my 15 Ways. On the Pinterest board ‘Character design’ my inspiration can be seen.

15 Ways: Group assignment

poster expo 2 poster expo 3 poster expo 1

For the group assignment we decided to make a film poster. Above are a couple of my sketches for the poster. We’re planning on making it a moving poster/gif.

We decided after many days of discussion that the best way to let our characters interact would be in a story. To show them interacting we decided to make a moving poster, aka gif. A moving poster because with simple movements our characters can come to life.

In the story Oowa magically ends up falling through a mysterious portal when he’s on his way to Nini. The portal ended up dropping him in Luilekkerland/Candy Land. Being as curious as he is, and having his dream of exploring an unknown land actually fulfilled, Oowa doesn’t think twice and heads right into Candy Land not knowing what he might encounter. In Luilekkerland, San Pedro (cactus), Sewie, the telephone, and the cleaner of Luilekkerland can be found. How will they interact? Find out what happens at the exhibition!

The poster: (not the gif yet)

15 Ways: Patterns of the suit

20150419_222735 (2)

Material: colored construction paper.

As my last Way I wanted to make a simple version of Oowa’s suit. Most of my Ways have been very detailed, and that goes well with Oowa’s character of being very observant. His suit on the other hand is all about patterns. The patterns are what identify this suit as Oowa’s. Oowa made the suit himself and decided which patterns he wanted to use. Every suit that is made is unique. So is Oowa’s.

I wanted to use paper because it gives it a layer and texture that a digital illustration can’t give you. I also wanted all my Ways (except for the animation) to be analogue because Oowa has no  knowledge of technology. Therefore, I thought it was appropriate to make everything analogue.

15 Ways: Oowa and Kaitolé

scan_2015-04-09_12-09-43.3.1_Page_1 (5)

Oowa and his cousin Kaitolé spent most of their time together. They grew up together and were best friends. Most of their time they spent talking about the future: Oowa talking about his dreams to go out into the world to explore, while Kaitolé told of his aspirations to become the chief of the tribe and the best warrior.

I chose pen and ink for this illustration, because their friendship is simple, just like pen an ink, but it’s permanent. Pen and ink also focuses on the subject; color, shading, and contrast don’t interfere with the subject matter. In this case the friendship is very important to both Oowa and Kaitolé: it’s simple and clear, because I want the viewer to focus on their friendship and Oowa’s dreams.

15 Ways: Oowa and Nini

scan_2015-04-09_12-09-43.3.1_Page_1 (2)

Material: watercolor

Oowa has made his way to Nini. He has taken of his ceremonial suit and prayed to Nini for safe passage into adulthood and for her blessing. But, that’s not the only reason why Oowa is there. He also wants to find out what happened to his friend and cousin, Kaitolé. The moment he asks Nini, is the moment I wanted to show. All the emotions come out. He’s frustrated, sad, confused. He wants to know where Kaitolé is. He begs Nini for an answer. He begs her to bring back Kaitolé. There is no response…

I chose watercolor because Oowa is sad. A lot of water is used with watercolor, that can express the amount of tears that are shed – or the ones that aren’t shed.

15 Ways: Alone

scan_2015-04-09_12-09-43.3.1_Page_2 (3)

Oowa and his cousin Kaitolé are very close. With only a couple of months between their ages, they practically grew up together. They did almost anything together, even though they had different ambitions: Kaitolé wants to be the best warrior the Al-Cani tribe has ever seen; Oowa doesn’t want to be a warrior or trader, he doesn’t want to stay in the Al-Cani tribe. There’s a whole world out there that he wants to explore.

Even though they may have had different views on things, they were the best of friends. However, when Kaitolé ventured into the forest to visit Nini, he didn’t come back. It’s been five months, and Oowa is worried. He fears that Kaitolé may have disappeared or been injured. He’s worried and sad, trying not to think the worst.

I chose charcoal to use, because charcoal can look strong and permanent. However, as soon as it’s smudged, it loses its power and looks vague, and fragile. Oowa is exactly like that at this moment: he may look stronger than he feels, but if someone would mention something about Kaitolé and him not returning (and ‘smudge’ him), Oowa would crumble and ‘fade’.